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 Documents are accepted for apostille placement at the Alfa Translation Agency from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The documents for apostille can be submitted to the Alfa Translation Agency both by their owner and another person (the оwner’s representative) without a notarized power of attorney. In case of submission of documents by the owner’s representative, it is necessary to fill in the application-consent to the processing of his/her personal data filled in by the owner himself/herself.

The documents for submission shall be prepared according to the list. A person who submits documents for an apostille must have a passport with him/her.

If it is necessary to obtain additional information to fill in the Apostille stamp, an official request is sent to the educational institution, archive or other establishment to confirm the fact of issuance of the document and to provide additional information necessary for placing the apostille. The educational institution has the right to review the letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within one month. In this case, the time limit for an apostille placement may be extended. Apostille shall not be affixed to a document if:

– the document is to be used in a country that has not acceded to the Convention or is a party to the Convention, but has objected to Ukraine’s accession in accordance with article 12 of the Convention;

– the identity of the performing person is not verified, the authenticity of the signature on the document which is verified by the apostille;

– the document does not correspond to the sample or the form established on the date of its issue and / or does not correspond to the requirements on structure and order of placing of obligatory requisites which such document should contain;

–  the text of the document is legible due to the damage;

– the document is written or signed with a pencil or received by fax;

– there are unspecified corrections or additions to the document;

– it is not the responsibility of the competent authority to place the apostille on this document;

– the competent authority was unable to obtain samples of the relevant signatures, seal impressions and/or stamps.


in the Alfa Translation Agency

The documents can be obtained by:

– the applicant with a passport (the person who submitted the documents);

– another person mentioned by the applicant in the statement when submitting the documents, also with a passport;

– any person with a notarized power of attorney from the applicant.

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    Alfa Translation Translation Agency

    Consular legalization of documents is carried out for all countries which didn’t sign the Hague Convention. The only exception is Italy as it accepts both double apostille and consular legalization for the purpose of acquiring the nationality, pension, family reunion, etc. Legalization is stamped on the original document or the notarized copy.

    Consular legalization goes in several steps, in particular:

    • Verification of the document in the Ministry of Justice;
    • Verification in the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
    • Translation of the document and its notarial certification (For Italy translation is made by accredited translator);
    • Verification of the document in the Ministry of Justice;
    • Verification in the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
    • Verification of the document in the Embassy of receiving country.

    Legalization of documents is carried out only if there is an original Power of Attorney issued by the owner of the document. (Carta d’identita and Permesso di soggiorno are sufficient for Italy.)


    Therefore, the procedure of consular legalization is rather difficult and time-consuming as well as can be quite special for each country. However, Alfa Translation Translation Agency has experience and direct contacts with consulates that will considerably save your time.

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    Alfa Translation Translation Agency

    Alfa Translation Translation Agency
    Having been working since 2006 Alfa Translation Translation Agency greatly succeeded to become a leader in its region. We have learnt how to provide translation services of the highest quality and thanks to the long list of engaged professional translators and interpreters we have managed to set enjoyably low prices compared to other translation agencies.
    We provide translation services in the SHORTEST time.
    Time is money and Alfa Translation Translation Agency really knows it so our team appreciates your time and makes translations as fast as possible. Be sure, it is not a machine translation. Do not expect to get your quote in 10 minutes. Half an hour per page is just that reasonable time for the professional team of Alfa Translation Translation Agency to manage a document for you. Namely for those cases, we have a service of “urgent translation”.
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    Alfa Translation Translation Agency

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    Alfa Translation Translation Agency

    Translating your words and ideas Alfa Translation Translation Agency is building a bridge of strong relationships between clients and helps people communicating in different languages to understand each other. That is why our mission is to develop a creative communication of people having common ideas all over the world. We want to gather all creative and gifted translators of the city, region, country and world into a unity of professionals which can help to overcome any ethnic and intercultural misunderstandings which occur in any kind of translation.
    Right now, having brought together competent and experienced experts of our region we are working on expanding translation services and entering the national market. It means that Alfa-Translation Translation Agency is ready to work with any client – from a citizen of any country and a natural person to the multinational companies and government institutions in Ukraine and other countries providing them with high-quality translations according to acting standards of quality acknowledged both in Ukraine and abroad.


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