Notarized translation

Alfa Translation Translation Agency provides services of notarized translation of any documents from different languages of the world.

At first, our translators make translation of documents you need, then the notary certifies signature of a translator and binds the translation with the original or the copy of the document. The notary can certify translation, made only by a certified translator, therefore, not everybody can make a translation.

Only the person, who has the following documents, certifying his/her qualification, shall have the right to make translations:

  • diploma on education;
  • the specialty, specified in the diploma in accordance with the year of issue of an educational document;
  • certificate of employment, which specifies the position of a translator.

All translators of our Agency are certified and qualified specialists!

For your convenience and for fast certification of translation, we cooperate with different notaries around the town and also with private ones, who can serve our customers out of turn.


Alfa Translation Translation Agency

Alfa Translation Translation Agency
Having been working since 2006 Alfa Translation Translation Agency greatly succeeded to become a leader in its region. We have learnt how to provide translation services of the highest quality and thanks to the long list of engaged professional translators and interpreters we have managed to set enjoyably low prices compared to other translation agencies.
We provide translation services in the SHORTEST time.
Time is money and Alfa Translation Translation Agency really knows it so our team appreciates your time and makes translations as fast as possible. Be sure, it is not a machine translation. Do not expect to get your quote in 10 minutes. Half an hour per page is just that reasonable time for the professional team of Alfa Translation Translation Agency to manage a document for you. Namely for those cases, we have a service of “urgent translation”.
Alfa Translation Translation Agency makes a certified translation of documents from/into all world languages and grants a guaranteed discount up to 25% for those placing a big order for the most popular European languages. You can also become our regular client and get priority in Alfa Translation Translation Agency and pay less money for urgent quote.


Alfa Translation Translation Agency

Tetiana Kravchuk

office manager

Alina Bezruchko


Vasyliuk Myroslava

Head of Department of Translation


Alfa Translation Translation Agency

Translating your words and ideas Alfa Translation Translation Agency is building a bridge of strong relationships between clients and helps people communicating in different languages to understand each other. That is why our mission is to develop a creative communication of people having common ideas all over the world. We want to gather all creative and gifted translators of the city, region, country and world into a unity of professionals which can help to overcome any ethnic and intercultural misunderstandings which occur in any kind of translation.
Right now, having brought together competent and experienced experts of our region we are working on expanding translation services and entering the national market. It means that Alfa-Translation Translation Agency is ready to work with any client – from a citizen of any country and a natural person to the multinational companies and government institutions in Ukraine and other countries providing them with high-quality translations according to acting standards of quality acknowledged both in Ukraine and abroad.


Alfa Translation Translation Agency

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